American Eclipse 2017

The AV Ministry wants your family and friends to safely experience the 2017 Eclipse by picking up special glasses in the Narthex or outside the office. These certified lenses block 99.9% of the incoming light and protect your eyes, but still allow you to see the changing shape of the sun. We hope you can donate $1 for your pair of shades, and set aside some time on that Monday afternoon.

The Total Solar Eclipse is happening on August 21, 2017 across North America! We will be able to see the Sun’s light dim as the Moon moves in front of it – even from right here in Richmond, VA. This spectacular phenomenon will begin for Richmond at 1:18pm with the maximum eclipse happening at 2:44pm. From our location however, the entire Sun won’t be covered so we need Eye Protection!

We want everyone to have the opportunity to view the Eclipse – donation or not – so stay tuned to local weather in the days leading up to August 21, and remember to grab some glasses for everyone in the family!

For more detailed information about Eclipse viewing near Richmond, visit: